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Beyond the Salt


Cleopatra Salt is a salt from the Sahara desert, Siwa lake.  

The Clean Crystal Salt  Introduced for the first time in Spain, USA, Korea, Japan, China, and the developed countries.

Although various types of rock salt have already been introduced

in the modern world,

The people couldn't been able to meet the Cleopatra Salt providing 

the high purity crystal salt until now.

Cleopatra Salt is a Luxury salt brand that enhances our quality of life.

We provide a variety of lifestyle products and services together.


Cleopatra salt is a 100% natural salt used in ancient Egypt.


Queen Cleopatra is known to have used the salt for beauty and health. In addition, kings like Julius of Rome liked to use this salt. Cleopatra salt is a crystalized salt that is naturally produced in the Sahara Desert's cities and lakes, and is not contaminated with microplastics or radioactivity.



Cleopatra Salt is something you have never experienced before.

To deliver the value of luxury salt and a unique lifestyle for consumers, we sell and service the products of the 'Cleopatra Salt' brands for customers and the 'Collaborate partners' brand used by business companies.

You can experience the beyond the salt and the value of the Cleopatra Salt Now in Spain, USA, Korea, Japan, China and the developed countries

with 'Cleopatra Salt' and 'Collaborate partners'.



Cleopatra Salt develops and promotes a unique lifestyle service that can improve our quality of life through salt, which is essential for our lives.

We will be with customers as a luxury lifestyle partner by continuously providing high-sensitivity lifestyle products and services as well as satisfying taste through the finest crystal salt that we have never experienced before.


Operating optimized salt brands for individual and

professional consumers

Cleopatra Salt is selling and servicing the ‘Cleopatra Salt’ brand, a unique lifestyle that targets consumers in homes, restaurants, and bakeries that use the highest quality ingredients to deliver the value of luxury salt that has never been experienced before.

In addition, Cleopatra Salt sells and services the products of the ‘collaborate partners' brand used in meal packaging companies that produce the best premium products such as bakery, beverage, food, seaweed, laver, kelp, salted fish, kimchi, fermented food processing companies, and as well as pharmaceutical companies, spas and cosmetic companies.

You can now experience the value beyond salt in Spain, USA, Korea, Japan, China and other developed countries through Cleopatra Salt's 'Cleopatra Salt' and ‘Collaborate partners' brands.

World's No.1 Luxury Salt ‘Cleopatra Salt’

Cleopatra Salt Logo.png

A Lifestyle Brand ‘Sālra’


A Premium Industrial Brand ‘SALTION’


Sāl (Salt) + cara (Precious)

My precious salt

Salt (Salt) + ~ion (status/ionic bond)

The purest state and value of salt

B2C Consumer Brand

B2B / B2B2C Industrial Brand

Presenting a lifestyle with premium crystal salt, ‘Sālra’

Industrial salt that delivers the value of the purest premium salt, ‘SALTION’

oSālra Original: Premium Food Salt

oSālra Sole: Limited Edition Premium Salt

oSālra Belle: Beauty/Fashion Salt

o SALTION Red: Salt for Manufacturers

o SALTION Blue: Food additive Salt

o SALTION Green: Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic Salt

The Product segmentation operation with SALT CODE that customers can select the salt suitable for use and purpose

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