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Experience the Crystal Salt for the first time
Cleopatra Salt

Cleopatra Salt, what's the difference?



Bittern Brine 0%



Micro-plastics 0%



100% natural

rock salt

100% natural rock salt, Cleopatra Salt,

made with 250 million years of time, has no bitterness because there is no bittern brine,

and the ancient clean sea is turned into a desert.

It is safe and healthy Luxury salt from radiation and any harmful materilas.


The clear crystal salt without impurities,

It was so precious that it was only supplied as luxury salt in Europe as the crystal salt

Now you can meet Cleopatra Salt in Spain, USA, Korea, Japan, and China as well as all the developed countries.

Rock salt is divided into crystal salt and ordinary rock salt.

Crystal salt is a transparent crystallized salt that does not contain any impurities.

It is called the royal salt.

All rock salt previously distributed in developed countries was general rock salt.

The rock salt by Cleopatra Salt introduces to the world is from the Sahara Desert. 

The wind of the Siwa lake made the Crystal Cleopatra Salt with the energy of sunlight.

It is not contaminated with micro-plastics and radioactive materials. ​ Thus it is Healthy Crystal Salt.


Cleopatra Salt's lifestyle brand, "sālra"

Sala Original.png

Thinking about the taste and

healthy food

The Premium Crystal Food Salt Brand

'sālra Original'

A taste of food that you have never experienced before

Feel it through 'sālra Original'

Powdered salt, fine salt, and coarse salt of Salra

If you use it according to the salt code,

you can enrich the original taste of food and feel the real taste of the food.

Sala Sol Logo.png

 Limited quantity specially prepared
The Premium Salt Brand
sālra Sole'

Known as the Royal Salt

The Premium Crystal Salt

Cleopatra Salt carefully selected the salt and prepared the packages with the Ceramic wares made by art masters or celebrities in limited edition.

Special art crafts collaborated with the enormous artists.

Specially prepared 'sālra Sole'

Come together as a precious gift for your loved ones, One & Only.


offering a unique lifestyle

Beauty, fashion culture salt brand

'sālra Belle'

The secret of the Queen Cleopatra's beauty came from

the Egyptian Crystal Salt.

Regenerate your beauty with 'Salra Belle'.

Create a unique lifestyle!

From beauty items to fashion accessories.

We propose the 'sālra Belle Life'.

Soltion logo.png

Premium industrial salt brand

Premium industrial salt brand SALTION 

Saltion has various applications according to each use such as for food, food additive, manufacturing, cosmetics, etc.

SALTION RED is used in industrial sites that requires high-quality salt with Eco-friendly solution for such as pharmaceutical company, dye and leather manufacturing, etc.

SALTION BLUE, which is used for the high quality edible products such as snacks, dried fruits, nuts, coffee, beverages, cheese, fermented Kimchi, liquid, and salt-processed foods such as seaweed and algae, and animal food. It is high-quality salt for making various doughs as well as ice creams and breads.

SALTION GREEN is provided for cosmetics, household goods, toothpaste, etc.

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